Fish restaurant in Dubai Jumeirah

Fish restaurant in Dubai Jumeirah 

There is no doubt that Dubai has an incredibly diverse and top class culinary scene with an extensive selection of dining venues that cater to every taste or craving. In this cosmopolitan city that is found in the United Arab Emirates, there really is no shortage of different cuisines to enjoy, with everything from Italian and Asian, to African and British, and of course an incredible choice when it comes to the local, authentic Middle Eastern and Arabic food.

One of the most popular destinations when it comes to great food and dining venues is in Dubai Jumeirah, on the beautiful manmade island called Dubai Jumeirah on the Palm. In addition, as a coastal city with many artificial islands and seaside venues and resorts, fish and seafood as a cuisine has become increasingly popular.

As a result, there is a multitude of different fish and seafood restaurants in Dubai, with many of the best being located in Dubai Jumeirah on the Palm because of its beautiful seaside, coastal setting. Indeed, this makes choosing just one of many great restaurants to be the best fish restaurant in Dubai Jumeirah a rather difficult task.

However, the news of the opening of a brand new restaurant called Lucky Fish has led to it becoming highly anticipated and has built up an increasing amount of excitement as it is already predicted to become one of, if not the best fish restaurant in Dubai Jumeirah

Best Fish restaurant in Dubai Jumeirah

Lucky Fish is a brand new restaurant expected to open soon on Dubai’s beautiful coastal island the Palm Jumeirah. Its concept is to provide an escape to the Mediterranean for guests to come and enjoy a relaxing experience with great food, drinks and ambiance, hence it being anticipated as a highly anticipated fish restaurant in Dubai Jumeirah.

The concept is unique in providing the perfect balance between rustic island style and comfort, and luxury and elegance. It will be a chilled, seaside beach restaurant during the day where you can soak up the sun and relax, and continue into the evening with a fine-dining, coastal inspired dinner.

Of course, the cuisine is based around bringing all of the best, rich flavours of the Mediterranean, particularly seafood. In this way it is set to be one of, if not the best fish restaurant in Dubai Jumeirah because it will be specializing in serving the most fresh and delicious seafood in Dubai.

It will be a major contender for the top place of the best fish restaurant in Dubai Jumeirah because the restaurant plans to work with local fishermen to be able to offer guests the freshest catch of the day, that they will display to guests to choose themselves on a bed of ice.

With this, Lucky Fish will become one of the best coastal dining venues in the city, and the best fish restaurant in Dubai Jumeirah as it transports guests right to the Mediterranean coast. 


If you are wanting to try the best fish restaurant in Dubai Jumeirah, then Lucky Fish is set to make waves and become a must try spot. 

Fish restaurant in Dubai Jumeirah

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