Best seafood restaurant in Dubai

Dubai is known for having an extensive variety of incredible, top-quality restaurants with every kind of cuisine that you can think of. You can find a great restaurant with any kind of culinary delight here, from Italian to British, and Asian to African, and of course the most incredible authentic Arabic and Middle Eastern food paying homage to local tastes and flavours.

One of the most popular and most luxury types of cuisine is without a doubt seafood, and being a coastal city, Dubai has a multitude of venues that offer some of the best seafood you will taste in the whole world. A new restaurant on the scene has quickly gained a great reputation for its very unique take on seafood, and is already known as one of, if not the best seafood restaurant in Dubai.
Best seafood restaurant in Dubai

Introducing Lucky Fish, a brand new restaurant that will be found in the heart of the beautiful artificial island, Palm Jumeirah. This restaurant is already recognized as the best seafood restaurant in Dubai for a multitude of reasons, including its very location being on the manmade island with coastal and ocean views that amaze with each and every visit. Although it has not yet opened, it is confidently expected to be the best seafood restaurant in Dubai.

To achieve the top status as the best seafood restaurant in Dubai is in no way an easy task, as there are so many incredible and diverse venues that offer a range of unique seafood concepts. The best seafood restaurant in Dubai, as with any other top rated restaurant in Dubai, must not only have consistently tasty and world-class food, but also top-class service, drinks, and even entertainment and vibes to match.

With this in mind, Lucky Fish even before its opening has quickly found itself at the top spot as the best seafood restaurant in Dubai. One of the major reasons that Lucky Fish is already rated the best seafood restaurant in Dubai is because of its creative and forward-thinking concept when comes to tastes, as it has built its theme around becoming a beautiful escape to the Mediterranean with the regions favourite flavours, in particularly specializing in it's fresh and rich tasting seafood.

In addition, Lucky Fish is expected to become one of, if not the best seafood restaurant in Dubai not just because of its great cuisine, but also because of its blissfully natural and heavenly setting, with shabby-chic interior that evokes the perfect balance of luxury and comfort.

If you are wanting to try the best seafood restaurant in Dubai, whether you are craving a daytime lunch by the beach while you soak up the sun or an elegant evening meal, then there is no better place to visit than Lucky Fish upon its opening.

The restaurant guarantees incredible seafood, unparalleled service, beautifully mixed drinks and a peaceful setting with nothing but good vibes. Here you'll find the ultimate Dubai dining experience.

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